Honda OSM Concept Unveiled at British Motor Show

If the Honda OSM (Open Study Model) concept is intended to be a low-emission vehicle, Honda’s certainly keeping that aspect low-key.; Billed only as a ‘green’ vehicle, the convertible show car, unveiled today at the 2008 British Motor Show, offers no information on how clean it could be.

We do know, however, how clean the styling is.; Although it somewhat resembles a Civic hatchback with its roof lopped off, the OSM’s lines are much smoother, especially when it comes to fender lines and lighting design.

A similar flow carries through to the interior, dominated by a modified form of the dual-level instrument panel found on the current Civic.; The OSM’s ‘waterfall’ tonneau cover runs between the seats and into the center console, a cue borrowed from a number of historical convertibles.

With a number of similar-sized convertibles already available in Europe (e.g. Peugeot 207 CC, Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet), one could view the German-designed OSM as a preview of a Honda competitor.; That may not be so, as the automaker claims the OSM isn’t intended to reach production.; We could, however, see the OSM setting a new design standard for future Honda cars, especially than the Civic.