Honda May Bring More JDM Models to US

Ford isn’t the only automaker looking to bring its overseas offerings to the U.S.; Honda is allegedly looking to bring a few models previously restricted to Japan or Europe over for American consumers.

Such a move wouldn’t be new to the Japanese automaker; enthusiast demand for the lithe, sporty European-market Accord led the company to launch the car in the U.S. as the 2003 Acura TSX.

This time around, Honda’s looking to import vehicles not for enthusiast admiration but for fuel economy.; The automaker’s apparently impressed with U.S. sales of the Fit, which have increased by nearly 73 percent over the last year.

Two models reportedly under consideration for the U.S. are the Stream (pictured) and the Japanese-market Oddessy – both closely resembling wagon-like crossovers more than minivans.; Both models seat seven or eight passengers, and could help the automaker recover from sluggish sales of its Pilot SUV.

We’d put our money on the Stream as being the likely choice.; The wagon is already offered across Europe, and we can’t help but notice a distinct resemblance between it and the upcoming 2009 Toyota Venza – a product unlike anything that’s currently in Honda’s U.S. portfolio.

Source: Bloomberg