Honda Learns Lessons From Accord Crosstour Facebook Fallout

Honda hoped unveiling its new Accord Crosstour on Facebook last fall would help it become an internet sensation. It did — but in the wrong way.

The images of the crossover — which, admittedly, looks better in person — elicited thousands of disparaging comments, some from even the most diehard Honda fans. The aftermath helped Honda learn a social media lesson.

“It made us re-evaluate what we were doing,” Jenny Howell, Honda’s manager of interactive marketing, told Automotive News. “We are learning what’s smart to do and what’s not smart.” We’re betting we won’t see Facebook used to tease upcoming reveals in the future…

Howell says Honda’s social media outlets, including its Facebook page (which has more than 300,000 fans), remain a good way for the automaker to “gather our fans, make them our advocates, build affinity with the brand, and ultimately help sell cars.” In fact, Honda did just that. A series of advertisements, which proclaimed “everybody knows somebody who loves a Honda,” used real owners and testimonials pulled from the Facebook page.

Source: Automotive News