First Look: Honda EV-N and EV Cub Concepts

While Honda’s concepts for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show showcase future technologies, they’re also firmly rooted in the company’s past.

Take the EV-N, for instance, which channels (and closely resembles) the N360 microcar launched in 1967. Instead of using a 360cc two-cylinder, however, the EV-N is powered purely by electricity. We’ve no details on its specifications, but the EV-N does sport photovoltaic cells on its roof to aid in recharging a lithium-ion battery pack.

Although the car’s design harkens to the original N360, Honda has packed a few conceptual goodies within. For starters, Honda’s fitted the car with lightweight seat frames, trimmed in fabrics that can be swapped at the owner’s whimsy. Whimsy would also describe the front fascia, which can communicate to bystanders by displaying various graphic patterns between the headlamps. Also, dig those circles in the door panel — they’re actually a custom storage area for Honda’s U3-X unicycle prototype.

If vintage two-wheeled Hondas are more your style, you may enjoy the EV Cub concept. As its name suggests, it’s an electric-powered (and possibly two-wheel-drive) version of the company’s ubiquitous Super Cub motorbike, although its design has been slightly updated to lend it a modern feel.

Both vehicles, along with a few other show cars, will be on display during the 2009 Tokyo motor show, which opens on October 21. Stay with Automobile Magazine for all the latest coverage of both these Hondas and the remainder of the show.

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