Honda Develops Faster Deploying Airbag

Honda said it has designed an airbag that deploys faster, stays inflated longer, and results in less force on the driver.

The key to the i-SRS airbag, as Honda calls it, is a new spiral seam inside the bag. It directs the flow of gas into the bag in order to expand more quickly, and is ready to protect passengers in less than 0.20 seconds, compared to 0.30 seconds for conventional airbags. A new gas release control valve keeps the airbag inflated longer. And the new airbag is smaller on the outside, meaning it is less likely to itself injure the driver in a crash.

The first application of the system will be starting this November in the Honda Life, sold only in Japan. Honda has not offered details yet as to when it will come to U.S. and other markets.