2007 Honda CR-Z Concept

– Small, two-seat sportster
– Uses Honda‘s Integrated Motor Assist hybrid powertrain
– LED headlamps, 19-inch wheels, glass roof
– Rear hatch with lower glass panel, just like the old CRX
– Simple seat style features mesh material stretched over a frame

Honda says: “CR-Z stands for Compact Renaissance – Zero.”

We say: One could read Honda’s statement above to mean that there is zero chance for a renaissance among compact sports cars, but we think it’s just a Lost in Translation moment. Despite the company’s many denials of a return of the much-loved Civic CRX two-seater, the fact that Honda has now produced a third concept along those lines (following last November’s Remix, shown at Los Angeles, and the Small Hybrid Sports Concept, seen in Geneva this spring) suggests that there is a contingent within the company that is pushing for the return of something very CRX-like. The fact that the CR-Z looks far more production-ready than either of its predecessors means they’re going to succeed.

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