Honda Considering Another Eco-Friendly Sports Car?

Is there room for another sporty green Honda aside from the forthcoming CR-Z? According to the company’s chief executive, there may be.

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito told Automotive News that the company would like to offer another sports car that’s larger than the new CR-Z hybrid. According to Ito, the car would be “environmentally friendly and have great performance.”

“I would like to see Honda have a sports car that symbolizes our technology,” Ito said.
Don’t, however, expect Honda to create a hybrid successor to the vaulted NSX, even if Ito had previously designed the NSX’ chassis. Ito doesn’t want the car to mimic the new Lexus LFA – or, for that matter, the V-10-powered NSX successor that Honda shelved late last year. “The era of V-10 engines is gone,” says Ito.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the car helped fill the gap left by the S2000 roadster. Ito didn’t comment, but did indicate development of the car will only occur when Honda has enough capital to invest in such a vehicle.

Source: Automotive News


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