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By the time Automobile Magazine was in full swing, the , especially in CRX Si form, had a lock on the entry-level enthusiast market. It was fun, it was roomy, it was dirt cheap, and it got great mileage. It boasted a level of fit, finish, and content that sent Detroit’s design community to the window ledges in despair. And when Honda started making Civics in America in 1988, it put a sock snugly into the mouths of those who whined about Japanese cars. Ensuing years have seen a procession of remarkable, award-winning Civic variants that have included hybrids, ULEVs, CVTs, del Sols, and 4×4 wagons. Resale value? In the stratosphere. Without a Motown renaissance in the immediate future, the Honda Civic, America’s best-selling compact car for the past nine years, may be forever known as the car that ended the future of Detroit-label small cars forever.

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2006 Honda Civic

2006 Honda Civic

MSRP $14,760 DX (Manual) Sedan

0-60 MPH:

11.3 SECS


40 City / 45 Hwy

Horse Power:

110 @ 6000