Honda Announces Limited Edition Civic Type R Mugen 200 for U.K.

If Honda’s European Civic Type R isn’t hot enough for your tastes, you may like the new limited-edition hot hatch destined for the United Kingdom. Honda teamed with renowned tuner Mugen to craft the new Type R Mugen 200.

As the name suggests, production of the special-edition Mugen model is limited to a scant 200 cars. All will be equipped with a unique body kit, 19-inch “Lightning” wheels, a limited-slip differential, and special Mugen emblems. Each will be painted in “Championship White,” with contrasting black mirrors.

Honda won’t discuss pricing until the car goes on sale in March, but Autocar says the hot hatch may cost 38,599 pounds, which equates to roughly $59,000. Given Honda’s prior experiences with Civic hatchbacks and Mugen Si models in the U.S. (neither were sales successes), don’t expect this car to arrive stateside anytime soon.

Source: Honda, Autocar


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2010 Honda Civic

Fair Market Price $8,223 DX (Auto) Coupe


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140 @ 6300


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