Head to the country club, just remember to forget your clubs

I spent a couple of days at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, NV last week (60 miles west of Las Vegas). The last time I was there was in January of 2007 and only one building was on site. Now, it’s absolutely amazing.

John Morris and Brad Rambo purchased the Spring Mountain facility in June of 2004. John was on hand during my visit and is a huge car guy. He reminds me a bit of Walt Disney; he wants everyone to just have fun. Shortly after we met, he threw me the keys to his Lotus Exige Cup and then asked if I wanted to drive his Radical SR3. Both cars are huge fun on the track and it’s always great to run a car on slicks.

But back to the facility. John isn’t afraid to put money into his facility and it shows. Spring Mountain offers a private motorsports country club. The clubhouse is amazing (and offers everything you’d find at a golf club including a pool, a spa room, and outdoor BBQ grills). As their material says, trade in your golf clubs and come play with cars. In this case, play with your cars on a 3.5-mile road course (or reconfigured into a 1.5 mile and 2.2 mile track). The track offers three membership packages, the classic, the charter, and the corporate. Initiation fees start at $7500 and monthly fees vary between $125 and $500. After this, you pay $60 per day for exclusive member track time, guaranteed up to 16 days a month. In addition, you can rent garage space, get professional driving instructions, participate in various member racing series, enjoy karting, and even join the airplane flying club. Future plans include a hotel, more garages, an exotic car dealership, and even a possible condo project. Oh yeah, maybe you should bring your golf clubs as there’s a course right across the street.

Hey John, can you build another facility in Ann Arbor and ship all your cool cars to Michigan? I’ve never been a big fan of Vegas. At least your weather is a bit better.

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