Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo, Sweet Taste Of Victory II

Bored with your Lamborghini Gallardo, yet not interested in ponying up for a new Superleggera? German tuner Hamann may have the answer with the Victory II — the perfect vehicle to impress your kids’ friends while making other Lamborghini owners view you in a different light.

Starting with the body, the craftsmen at Hamann bond fender flares to the previously slender baby Lamborghini. The new flares contain vents and outlets that boldly ignore the placement and aesthetic of the factory vents to again prove that awesome redundancy is awesome.

Slightly less noticeable around the car’s lower flanks are the new rocker panels, a more aggressive front spoiler, and a revised rear diffuser. On the top of the car, Hamann adds a roof vent that apparently pulls air from the front of the roof and channels it to the rear of the roof — just as Lamborghini intended with a stock, ventless Gallardo. At the rear of the car sits a pedestal-mounted rear wing, which, unlike many of the other bits and baubles, may actually serve a purpose in creating additional downforce.

Various TV shows and movies (usually starring Vin Diesel) imply an exotic car just isn’t exotic without the so-called Lambo-style scissor doors.The Victory II is no different. Although true scissor doors are usually only possible on cars originally designed with such trick hinges, Hamaan has combined a scissor door with an outward swinging hinge. The result is an door without the space-saving advantages of the scissor but will still draw plenty of attention to the driver.

Lamborghini is already wrangling nearly 107 horsepower-per-liter from the 5.2-liter V-8 used in the LP560-4, but Haman’s technicians managed to re-arrange the 1s and 0s within the engine control unit’s programming. The result? An extra 20 horsepower. The tuner also adds a new rear section to the exhaust, but we’re told it only improves sound, not power.

To complete the package, Hamaan fits 20-inch wheels to the Victory II. Up front, they measure 9.5-inches wide, but rear rims are a steamroller-worthy 13-inches wide. Tires carry an equally impressive spec at 235/30/20 and 325/25/20, respectively. It should be noted that several tire manufacturers list the maximum recommended width for the rear 325/25 as 12 inches (or at the very most, 12.5 inches), but again, the experts at Hamann push the envelope to give their customers the very best in cars that look like they probably go really fast.

If you would like Hamann to work their tuning magic on your very valuable and already rare Lamborghini Gallardo, check out their website here. They do have dealers all over the world, so even if you are not in Germany, you should be able to find their equipment somewhat locally. Good luck with that.

Source: Hamann-MotorSport