Goofy tricycle thing gives new meaning to the word “hybrid”

Motorcycles can be a blast to drive, but where can you put your groceries? And who wants to worry about balancing all the time? Or plunking down a kickstand whenever you park?

The builder of this creation that I recently spotted in the parking lot of a Midwestern McDonald’s has a distinct answer to these age-old questions. Probably not the right answer, but an answer nonetheless.

This tricycle thing was once a regular Kawasaki motorcycle, but the drive wheel has been moved backward, doubled, and installed beneath a Chevy Cavalier front end that was melded to the trunk of an old Dodge Neon. Of course, a tuner’s-special wing has been added for aerodynamic stability. Or something.

Without inventors, we might still be hunting and gathering with our bare hands, so who knows: maybe this vehicle’s creator will turn into the next Thomas Edison. But we doubt it.


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Horse Power:

275 @ 5600


295 @ 3000