GM’s Zeta Platform: Here Until 2020

GM has already started work to keep its Zeta platform relevant through the 2020 model year, an Australian website is reporting.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Australian website is reporting that the next generation of vehicles built from the Zeta program – which was engineered in Australia at GM’s global rear-wheel-drive development center – are already being prepared. According to the website, we can expect to see new Zeta cars in 2013, with better fuel-efficiency (surprise) and weight reductions.
GM’s Zeta platform underpins some of its best cars, including the lauded G8 sedan and the newly-arrived Chevrolet Camaro. The Holden Commodore, which is sold in Australia and is the basis for the G8 sedan here in the states, will be the first Zeta car to enter the second generation come 2013.
It had been speculated that GM might not continue to support its rear-wheel-drive platform because of the perception that rear-wheel-drive cars are performance-oriented gas-guzzlers (which they usually are, though they don’t necessarily have to be – see the BMW 3-Series). If this news is any indication, GM is sticking with its commendable RWD platform – and making it better.
Source: GoAuto via The Detroit Free Press


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