GMC Teases “Urban Utility Concept,” Could Compete with Scion xB

We haven’t peeked at GM’s “The Lab” blog in some time, but we’re glad we did this afternoon. The General managed to upload two images of what it calls a GMC “Urban Utility Concept” to its Flickr page. From what we’re told, we should expect to see something similar unveiled at next week’s 2010 Detroit auto show.

Very little is known about the crossover, but the one image — a line drawing that compares the profiles and seating positions of the concept, a Terrain, and, of all things, a Scion xB — possibly reveals the most. The “UUC” is much smaller than GM’s current Theta-platform crossovers, and is virtually the same size — and shape — as the compact xB.

Playing in the compact hatchback segment would be a new endeavor for GMC (which typically sticks to trucks, SUVs, and crossovers), but the styling seems to be quite familiar. GM released only one image showing exterior detail, and the front fascia seems to incorporate cues from the Terrain, along with the awesome Denali XT concept shown at the 2008 Chicago auto show.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the “UUC” on January 11, when press conferences for the Detroit show kick off. Stay with Automobile Magazine for the latest news from the 2010 North American International Auto Show.

-Evan McCausland