GMC Looks to Crossovers for Future Viability

As shoppers continue to turn away from large trucks and SUVs, GMC – the predominant truck division within GM’s empire – stands to lose the most.; Perhaps that explains why the division plans to offer smaller vehicles and crossovers in the near future.

Although they’re nice vehicles, it’s hard to understand why GM offers no less than four versions of their Lambda crossover utility vehicles.; Perhaps that’s why Automotive News suggests GMC may axe its version, the Acadia, before the 2010 model year.

If it should survive, expect a facelift for 2010, along with a new V-8 option.; We’re not sure what eight-cylinder block that would be, as the Ultra V-8, once scheduled for the Lambda, is shelved.

Although Chevrolet’s revised Equinox may be launched in 2010, GMC’s version – the Terrain – won’t appear until 2011.; Replacing the Pontiac Torrent, the Terrain will also ride on an updated Theta platform, and be little more than a re-skinned Equinox.

Big SUVs aren’t selling, so we’re not shocked to hear plans to revamp the Yukon and Yukon XL for 2012 are on hiatus.; That said, both trucks, along with other full-size GM SUVs, could shift to a modified Lambda platform in 2012.

Already in the works is a replacement for the GMT355, better known to consumers as the GMC Canyon.; While development of the new truck is occurring in Brazil, it’s uncertain if the Canyon – currently a slow seller – will return to the U.S. market.; If so, look for it in 2012.

Source: Automotive News