GM to Show Production Version of 2010 Chevrolet Volt This Month

The seemingly endless stream of renderings, teasers, and blurry spy pictures of the 2010 Chevrolet Volt should come to an end (or at least a pause) later this month.

GM said it will show media and employees a production version of the Volt at its headquarters in Detroit as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations, which officially take place on Sept. 16th. The car will accurately reflect what the Volt will look like when it hits the streets, but will not be an actual preproduction model. Mockups of the Volt’s drivetrain offer much less to look at, as they are currently being tested in old Malibu bodies.

The Volt should look similar to the concept but with aerodynamic changes to further the car’s primary mission of fuel efficiency. GM will start building preproduction models next year, and says it is still on track for a 2010 launch.

Source: Automotive News