GM to Reintroduce Buick to Mexico?

General Motors has already identified its four “core” brands, but now it must work on solidifying the identities of those brands and begin marketing them to the world. First stop: Mexico.

Across the border, GM sells three of the four core brands — Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC — but pairs them differently than it does in the U.S. GMC is sold together with Pontiac at its Mexican dealerships, while Cadillac and Chevrolet are marketed together, separate from Pontiac-GMC. The automaker pulled Buick dealerships from the market in the 90s, though it continued to produce Buick Rendezvous SUVs in the country until 2007.

Now that Pontiac is terminal, GM will reportedly use Buick as a substitute, hoping to attract a new kind of customer in Mexico. GM had previously preferred to use its marketing dollars on all seven of its other brands, including the Saab, Saturn, and Hummer brands it is now trying to pawn.

According to Edmunds Inside Line, the Enclave and LaCrosse are among the vehicles slated to debut in the Mexican market. No sales forecasts have been announced, but the brand may compete with Acura in Mexico, much as it does stateside. GM is undoubtedly hoping to mimic the success of Buick in China in the Mexican market.

Source: Edmunds Inside Line