GM to Offer Car Insurance Standard in Oregon and Washington

General Motors in conjunction with MetLife has announced a new standard feature on all of its cars (even Camaros that might be autobots in disguise): free car insurance for a year — well, if you live in the great Northwest bastions of Oregon and Washington, that is.

GM is testing the waters with “standard” auto insurance in Oregon and Washington to see if customers bite — if the program does well enough, there could be potential for a similar program to be rolled out nationwide. GM say’s that part of the reason for the insurance offer is to streamline the new car-buying process.

The insurance, which is offered through MetLife doesn’t seem to be a cheapo-plan with next to no coverage. The insurance offered by GM covers both liability and physical damage, and it also exceeds Oregon and Washington’s requirements. The policy will not only cover the vehicle, but also anyone who drives it with the owner’s permission for up to a year from the date of purchase. Commercial and fleet owners need not apply because the policy isn’t available to you. After the first year with free MetLife insurance, owners have the option of renewing their coverage or going with another insurance company of their choice.

Source: General Motors