GM may unveil 2010 Chevrolet Volt This Summer

Having seen the PR boon created by the original concept in 2007, reports say GM is fervently working to show a production-ready version of the 2010 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid by September.

The automaker, previously cautious in saying how soon the Volt will come to fruition, now hopes a pre-production prototype can be shown to the masses during its 100th anniversary celebrations.

We’ve seen Malibu-bodied prototypes of the Volt testing throughout the country, but GM expects to have a production-intent car, complete with finalized styling inside and out, ready to show later this year.; Sources within the Volt program say GM engineers are very close to finalizing a production-ready car.

But while engineers and designers toil over the final details of the hybrid, the marketing team is already moving in overdrive.; Not only is the Volt expected to help kick off GM’s centennial celebrations, but it’s also scheduled to make an appearance at this October’s Paris motor show, alongside a new Aveo, and a replacement for the Cobalt.

The car will also have an appearance in next summer’s “Transformers 2,” a Michael Bay film involving robots disguised as automobiles.; GM product placement was also prevalent in the first “Transformers” in 2007, which helped spotlight the upcoming 2009 Camaro.

Such a marketing blitz would not only help drum up buzz for the Volt – which GM hopes will be the first plug-in hybrid on the market – but also electrify the automaker’s image during their centennial.; Thus far in 2008, GM’s seen a number of plants idled, sales drop by nearly 16 percent, and stock hit a 54-year low (at $10.57 a share).

Source: Automotive News