GM Issues Recall on Faulty Corvette Roof Panels

General Motors is blowing the roof off with its 2005-2007 Corvette. No, literally, roofs have been blowing off Corvettes made during that time, and GM has issued a recall to address the problem.

The only Corvettes subject to the failure are coupes featuring the removable roof panel made within the specified time. The problem lies with the adhesive that bonds the plastic roof panel to the removable frame. When the glue fails, the outermost plastic covering may detach from the vehicle while driving. This may not only cause an inconvenience, but a safety hazard for following vehicles, not to mention littering.

Clues that suggest a malfunction of the panel may be occurring are a leaking headliner, a popping noise when traveling over bumps, or abnormal movement of the panel when closing the door. The recall will affect just over 22,000 Corvette owners. For a complete replacement, GM is advising its customers to head to their local Chevrolet dealer and the panel will be replaced free of charge.

Source: NHTSA