GM Introduces the Eco Initiative, Bare Necessities Car and Truck

General Motors is taking the green movement to a new level with the introduction of the Eco Initiative and its Bare Necessities Car and Truck.

The Eco Initiative was started by one of the Chevy Volt designers, who wanted to get to know the “green” type of customer the Volt appeals to, and see what they wanted in a car. Some wanted a full-fledged luxury car, while others were OK with giving up some items for fuel efficiency. Hence, the Bare Necessity concepts were born.

The Bare Necessities Car and Truck do away with many of the luxuries seen on cars today, allowing for a lighter car and, therefore, better fuel efficiency.

With the Bare Necessity concepts, the designers aimed to create a car that would be the lowest cost to drive per mile and an environmentally friendly truck. Even the designers were surprised when they decided to build a truck, but after talking to truck owners the designers felt they had to.

It turns out that not all truck owners drive them because they can, but some actually use the truck and use it to help the environment through river cleanups and other similar activities. The Bare Necessity Truck is built similarly to an Avalanche in that it offers a pickup bed and rear seats that can be converted into part of the bed. In stark contrast to the mid-size trucks today that get a little over 20 mpg, the designers aim to get 40 mpg out of the Bare Necessity Truck.

Both the Bare Necessities Car and Truck were designed to be built out of renewable materials instead of just installing a green powertrain in a regular vehicle. GM is hoping for comments and feedback on the Eco Initiative, so head over to the website and check it out.

Source: GM Labs

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