GM Drops Corporate Logo From Products

General Motors will reportedly remove its corporate logo from its vehicles in the 2010 model year in an attempt to shift focus off the automaker’s name and emphasize its four “core” brands.

GM’s new executive committee decided earlier this month that the silver “GM” logos should be removed starting with 2010 model year vehicles. By forgoing the corporate badges on its vehicles, GM hopes to minimize the connection between its Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC brands, as well as ties to the mothership. The GM name automatically links the automaker’s vehicles to its bankruptcy proceedings and government ownership, two touchy subjects for the American people.

“We are just really focused on the four core brands and this provided us with another opportunity to make sure they were at the forefront,” said GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan. Rhadigan told The Detroit News that GM research indicates that people outside the Midwest don’t necessarily link a Chevrolet or Cadillac with GM.

Source: The Detroit News