GM Considering Volt Variants

GM previewed the 2011 Chevrolet Volt this week as a way to open its next 100 years, but it appears some of those first-century habits will be tough to kill.

Tony Posawatz, vehicle line director for the E-Flex program, told CNN the company is already considering ways to spread the Volt theme across different brands and bodystyles. The Volt’s popularity, he said, has given the company “a degree of confidence that this could be a family of vehicles in the future.”

Opel has indicated it wants to sell a Volt-based vehicle in Europe by 2011, and U.S. brands, including Cadillac and Pontiac, have been rumored to be clamoring for their own versions as well.

Further down the road, GM sees the possibility for more interesting, diversified E-Flex vehicles. The Volt was designed to balance efficiency, utility, affordability and performance, meaning a variant could skew more toward any of those qualities. Possibilities include a mid-size model and a less expensive Volt with shorter electric-only range.

“There are a number of customers out there that maybe a 20-mile [electric-only range] vehicle would work, and they would still use little to no petroleum,” Posawatz said.

Source: CNN