GM Confirms Opel, Chevrolet Plug In Hybrids for Europe

It’s official: GM’s E-Flex plug-in hybrid powertrain, which debuts in the 2010 Chevrolet Volt, will make its way to European customers in both an Opel and Chevrolet vehicle.

Carl-Peter Forster, president of GM’s European operations, tells Automotive News Europe that the E-Flex architecture will be offered under both brands in approximately three years.

The news confirms previous buzz that the hybrid powertrain, the selling point of the Volt’s concept, would be sold in global markets.; Although Forster’s answer solves the problem of what brand will offer the system, it’s still anyone’s guess as to which car it will be installed on, although anything using the next-generation Delta platform is certainly a safe bet.

Seemingly left out from the discussions is Vauxhall, GM’s British division.; Although the brand once had its own unique products, its current offerings are little more than facelifted or badge-engineered Opel products.; On that basis, we think if Opel gets an E-Flex car, so too will Vauxhall.

Source: Automotive News Europe