GM Announces New Data Center in Warren, MI

General Motors announced that it will build a new data center in Warren, MI, a project totaling $130 million. By renovating and expanding an existing building located on its Technical Center campus, GM plans to turn a former administrative office building into a modern energy-efficient IT command center. As part of a $2-billion initiative to build 17 facilities in eight states, the project is scheduled for completion by 2015 and will create 25 high-tech jobs.

By going green with this renovation, GM expects to reduce energy use by 40 percent and significantly cut operating costs. GM also hopes the proposed remodel of the building will qualify it for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council to facilities designed with energy conservation in mind.

While the green portion of the center’s design will help keep costs down, the big thing the renovation has to offer is the inclusion of new IT laboratories. These labs will serve as a hub for GM to monitor all of its digital applications worldwide. With the addition of these labs, the data center will be able to run the complex simulations necessary for keeping up with ever-increasing safety, fuel economy and quality requirements. The facility’s modular design should also make expansion and upgrades in the future a little easier.

The new data center in Warren is just one of the planned 17 facilities to be built by GM, which has invested $3.4 billion since mid-2009 to create or retain jobs – totaling 9000 positions.

Source: GM