Ghosn Proposes Joint Holding Company for Renault, Nissan, Report Says

Cross-Cultural Automotive marriages don’t always have the best outcomes, as the many failed tie-ups over the last several decades attest to. One of the few that’s worked out relatively well for both partners is the Renault-Nissan tie-up orchestrated by Carlos Ghosn in 1999. Though not without its speedbumps, the combined operation has been successful at cutting costs and streamlining operations. But Ghosn wants to take things a step further.

Although the two respective companies already work closely together in many areas of vehicle development, the proposed joint holding company would bring the two main entities even closer together, as well as consolidate the company’s other foreign subsidiaries, such as Romania’s Dacia, and South Korea’s Samsung Motors, under the new corporate umbrella.

The change could take two to three years, Ghosn claims. The French government, which currently holds a  15-percent stake in Renault, will still have some influence on the final decision.

Source: Reuters


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