Get Paid for Driving an Electric Car

Finding alternative energies is one of the biggest priorities in America today; but what if one source of energy was your car? Experiments are being done to test a new system called V2G (Vehicle to Grid) in which part of a city’s power grid would be powered by the electric cars that are parked and plugged in.

Although a large source of energy is needed to power most of a grid, there is always a need for extra power to smooth out fluctuations. As of now, most grids have back up stations providing this extra boost of power, but researchers like Jeff Stein of the University of Michigan say that groups of parked electric cars could do the same job more effectively.

“We want to show that it doesn’t have to be a one-way street between vehicles and the grid,” Stein said. “Utility companies could benefit from having a million batteries for storing electricity.”

The system still needs to be tested to make sure that it’s practical; the V2G system would need to make sure that a minimum of one megawatt of power would always be stored by the cars to be effective. On the plus side, the power sucked from any one vehicle would never be more than 20% of the battery and the electric company could pay electric car owners $300.00 per month if the system were put in place.

Source: Live Science