German Engineers Design “2015” Ford Model T

In honor of the Model T’s centennial, Ford sponsored a contest to design a similarly revolutionary vehicle. The only European team to take enter, Aachen University’s Institute of Automotive Engineering (IKA), has been announced as the winner.

Consisting of eight students and engineers, the team developed a concept design meeting all of Ford’s requirements. The new T had to be simple, lightweight, practical, durable, have a range of at least 125 miles, accommodate at least two passengers, and be priced at no more than seven thousand dollars.

The IKA team came up with a modular vehicle concept that seats three and would cost $6780.00. The weight and cost of the vehicle would go up if an alternative fuel engine were to be added, but the design is still an intriguing one.

“We are very proud, as the only European institute, to have been able to participate in this exciting competition. Then to top it off with winning is not only very satisfying, but also confirms that German engineers and students have the capability to compete successfully on the international stage,” said Professor Stefan Gies, managing director of IKA.


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