George Harrison Mini Cooper One-Off Model to Be Auctioned for Charity

During the Mini’s 50th anniversary “Mini United” event the company will present Olivia Harrison with this psychedelic reinterpretation of George Harrison’s extravagant original Mini. The car will be auctioned off to support George’s Material World Charitable Foundation.

In 1966, a MINI Cooper S was given to each member of The Beatles by their manager Brian Epstein. Lead guitarist George personalized his car with a custom paint job. The car received a zeitgeist paint scheme with psychedelic images such as yantras and Sanskrit mantras.

His widow, Olivia, had a hand in designingthe newone-off example. It was styled as a modern interpretation of George’s car. Olivia says George was a huge Mini fan and the fact that Mini’s anniversary celebration also benefits the Material World Foundation makes it an enjoyable and meaningful collaboration.

The “Mini United” event will take place at Silverstone in the UK. The event runs from May 22 to May 24 and will feature concerts, shows, car races and, of course, the special George Harrison Mini Cooper.