Geneva 2013: Mitsubishi Prepares Hybrid Compact Pickup, Electric Commuter Concepts

Mitsubishi teased two concept cars that will debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. The first, called Concept GR-HEV, shows Mitsubishi’s vision of a hybrid compact pickup truck. The Concept CA-MiEV, meanwhile, is an all-electric vehicle designed for suburban commuters.

Mitsubishi has given itself a goal of equipping 20 percent of its new models with electric or hybrid power by 2020. The automaker already sells the full-electric i-MiEV and is launching the Outlander plug-in hybrid.

The Concept GR-HEV is a compact pickup truck that has four-wheel-drive, a diesel engine, and Mitsubishi’s hybrid powertrain. The company decided that hybridization, rather than a full-electric or plug-in hybrid, was the best choice for the heavy-duty demands of truck users. Even though the pickup is supposed to be plenty durable and capable, Mitsubishi says it will emit fewer than 149 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The photo doesn’t reveal much, but suggests the GR-HEV boasts curvaceous styling like Mitubishi’s present L200/Triton and may well be a unibody design, like the Honda Ridgeline.

The Mitsubishi stand also will be home to the Concept CA-MiEV, which is touted as an electric commuter vehicle with enough range to operate outside urban areas. Lightweight materials, improved aerodynamics, and better battery technology are said to allow a 186-mile driving range on a single charge. The concept car also has inductive charging, and smartphone apps to control its charge status.

Source: Mitsubishi

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