Geneva 2012: 1967 Toyota 2000GT and 2013 Toyota FT-86

If you aren’t familiar with the 2000GT, go read Jason Cammisa’s article about historical Japanese sports cars right now. Now that you know how awesome the 2000GT is, enjoy these photos of the 2000GT and the new Toyota FT-86 that aims to get young buyers interested in Toyota again.

Seeing an exquisite white 2000GT in a display with an FT-86 is a brilliant way to generate interest in the FT-86. It reminds people Toyota didn’t always build and sell reliable, boring cars. This company has done fun before and it all started with the 2000GT. Only 337 of these cars were built and they now command huge money if you can find one for sale.

The FT-86 (aka Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ) will certainly be a much more affordable way to enjoy a Toyota sports car, let alone much easier to find. Perhaps the best thing about the FT-86 is that it pays homage to the 2000GT without being a caricature of the original car. Instead, the FT-86 and friends are modern interpretations of an old idea: Fun.

Light weight, a low center of gravity, rear-wheel drive, and an affordable price tag should make the current crop of platformmates incredibly popular. I know I can’t wait to drive them this summer.

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