Geneva 2010: Opel Flexstreme GT/E Concept Sporterizes Volt Platform

After the Chevrolet Volt came the Cadillac Converj, a super-elegant luxury coupe extended range electric that utilized the Volt’s platform. Now struggling Opel has shown a more outrageous concept that demonstrates how the platform could support an advanced sports car. Chief designer Mark Adams claims a drag coefficient of just 0.22 and says the Volt powertrain’s electric range has been compromised a bit to provide a top speed of over 200 kilometers per hour, or about 125 mph.

Headlamps are “wind-shaped” and Adams calls the face “bold and dynamic.” No exaggerations here, even if it owes a bit to the Mercedes SLS AMG. The “swept away” roofline flows into a “blade effect” c-pillar extending to the bodyside. Yep, that’s how designers talk.

“The rear end has a lot of sculptural quality,” he says, with “aero blade” outside vents. The rear end, he says, looks more square than it is, further cheating the wind.

It’s a handsome design, one reminiscent of the Saab Aero-X, which raises the question of whether this design really started out as an Opel, or whether it was initially assigned to the brand that now belongs to Spyker. Guess we’ll never know.

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