General Motors Will Install Brake Override Software Globally by 2012

In light of the Toyota’s recalls surrounding unintended acceleration, several automakers are looking to install brake override software on cars equipped with electronic throttle systems (ETS). General Motors announced it intends to apply the algorithm globally by 2012.

Although GM’s engineering staffs have required all vehicles to stop within a certain distance even if the gas pedal is floored, the company has started adding brake override software on ETS-equipped cars as an additional safeguard. The software automatically kills electronic throttle input once the driver steps on the brake, preventing the chance of unintended acceleration.

“New media analyses of government data consistently validates that GM’s safety record on this issue is among the strongest in the industry,” said Tom Stephens, vice chairman of GM’s global product operations. “At the same time, we know safety is top of mind for consumers, so we are applying additional technology to reassure them that they can count on the brakes in their GM vehicle.”

GM says that by the end of 2012, all of its vehicles sold around the world equipped with automatic transmissions and electronic throttle control will also be equipped with a brake override system.

Source: GM


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