General Motors to Expand Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Development

In order to build a hybrid or electric vehicle, you typically need a sizable engineering staff. It comes as no surprise, then, that as General Motors seeks to increase the number of EV and HEV it produces, it plans on expanding its hybrid and electric engineering teams by roughly 1000 employees.

According to GM, those 1000 jobs will be primarily based in southeastern Michigan, but in three different locations. The new positions will be located at the company’s technical center in Warren, the firm’s proving grounds in Milford, and powertrain engineering offices in Pontiac. These positions will also cover all aspects of EV and HEV development, including battery research, development, testing, validation, and powertrain integration.

The expansion of its EV and hybrid R&D teams is not only part of GM’s plant to increase the number of those vehicles it offers, but also to increase the number of components designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house. GM believes this allows the company to expand its technological expertise, solidify a supply of components, ensure quality levels, and profit upon any resulting patents.

GM is going to lead the industry in the adoption of various vehicle electrification technologies,” CEO Dan Ackerson said in a prepared press release. “We want to give our customers energy choices other than petroleum, and to make the automobile part of the solution when it comes to the environment.”

If you’re interested in applying for a position with the automaker, make sure to keep an eye on the company’s careers page by clicking here.

Source: GM