General Motors Pushing for Dealership Remodels

In an effort to further differentiate itself from the old GM, General Motors is pushing its dealerships to remodel by offering to pay for all the necessary work.

GM wants to make its new dealerships visually enticing to buyers, along with moving them away from the look and feel associated with “old GM” showrooms. As part of the remodeling, GM will revamp dealerships’ exterior entryways and reception areas, and will add free Wi-Fi Internet access — a boon if you’re stuck in a waiting room.

If dealerships want GM to pay for the work, there are a few guidelines. The first is any dealership must move any non-GM brands handled by the franchise into a different showroom — something we heard about earlier in GM’s earlier dealership battles. With the separation of brands and remodeling, GM hopes it will entice salespeople to push its wares instead of competitive vehicles.

The dealership remodeling should be completed in around three years. GM however, will take between five and 10 years to send checks for the work. Interestingly, the checks will be based on a dealer’s sales performance — not the cost of the renovations.

Source: Automotive News

-Andrew Peterson