General Motors Doubling The Size of Its Korean Design Studios

General Motors is doubling the size of its design center in Incheon, Korea, a facility that produced the sleek Chevrolet Miray concept vehicle and will employ more than 200 employees.
The expansion will be completed sometime next year and will include new modeling studios and display spaces. The team has designed and created a number of global vehicles for General Motors, including the Chevrolet Miray concept, just one of many cars the company unveiled last year as part of its centennial celebration.
The Chevrolet Miray is an open-air two-seater that combines retro and current design cues in a body made with carbon fiber. The concept’s “mid-electric” hybrid powertrain includes a mid-mounted engine and an all-wheel-drive system. While the Miray is far from a production reality, the Korean team has also had their hands on the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Sonic, and Chevrolet Spark. Below the Sonic in size, the 2013 Chevrolet Spark is heading to the U.S. and will compete with other pint-sized offerings including the Fiat 500 and Scion iQ later this year.
“The Korea Design Center plays a very important role in General Motors’  Global Design organization,” said Vice President of Global Design Ed Welburn.“Its expansion will create an environment for team members to dream, create and develop design strategies for General Motors’ future product portfolio.”
If the expansion of General Motors’ Korean design center means more vehicles with the design language of the Cruze, Sonic, and Spark, do you welcome the change?
Source: GM

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