General Motors Boasts Near Perfect Reliability Based on OnStar Reports

Chevrolet reported that in January, 99.3 percent of the vehicles it monitors through OnStar experienced no major issues with key engine or transmission components.

In place since 2006, the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics system watches over 1.8 million General Motors vehicles. The system constantly checks hundreds of vehicle parameters and notifies the consumer if a vehicle is not performing properly. OnStar customers have the option of receiving vehicle diagnostic updates via a detailed monthly e-mails. The system not only allows customers to be reminded of upcoming service due, but allows GM to monitor its vehicles’ performance in real-time. GM has sent over 122 million e-mails notifying its customers of their vehicle’s performance since the program’s inception.

Other interesting tidbits about OnStar users for the month of January: 11.3 percent were due for an oil change, 3.7 percent needed their tires rotated, and 35.7 percent had at least one tire that was not inflated to spec (common for cold weather).

OnStar is available on most GM products, with service prices starting at $18.95 a month, or $199 a year.


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