Gear: Gasoline Caps

Gas Caps—get it? Good, because it took us a few seconds. One of Edwin Tofslie’s Gas Caps, or Gasoline Caps, should be in the glove box of every convertible this summer.

Tofslie, the baseball hat enthusiast who founded Gasoline Caps, came up with the idea for the company while traveling last year. After buying a few old license plates on a trip to Alaska, he figured the license plate design would look cool on a hat. He tried it out, it did, and, six months later, Tofslie had created a whole line of original hats, which he sells along with a few new-old-stock vintage caps as well.

The vintage-picked hats come from resale shops across the country and the originals are embroidered with imaginative designs;our favorites are the license plate hats. “We only have nine states now,” says Tofslie. “As you can imagine, it’s pretty expensive to do fifty states at once as a start-up.” Those nine states are: Alabama, California, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, New York, and Vermont. We’ve worn the 1962 Illinois in dark grey wool for a little over a week now and are impressed with the material, fit, and quality of the hat, especially when you consider that a smaller shop churned it out. Just about every person we talk to loves the hat, although some are disappointed that their home state isn’t represented.

Don’t see your state? Don’t fret. “We’re doing a Kickstarter campaign in the near future to do all fifty states,” says Tofslie. “A ‘support your state’ type of thing.” Expect Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and North Carolina to come next.

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