Future Chevrolet Lineup Emphasizes Small Cars, Crossovers

If there’s one GM brand that’s not in doubt, it’s Chevrolet.; Although the lineup and model mixture needs some revision in order to remain viable, we hear the division will receive more new models over the next five years than any other GM marque.; Here’s a quick look at what may be in order.

What’s on deck for 2009?; A Silverado Hybrid enters production early in the year, while the Traverse crossover allows dealers to offer fire sales on both Uplander minivans and Trailblazer SUVs.

Oh, and there’s the Camaro.; Although it’s technically a 2010 model, production of the neo-muscle coupe in GM’s factory in Oshawa, Ontario, begins in February.

We’ll call 2010 the ‘Year of the Delta.’; Chevrolet will bring two compact cars riding on the new platform to market, the first being the Cruze.; The car, designed overseas but scheduled for assembly in Ohio, will effectively replace the Cobalt sedan in 2010.; The coupe, however, may stay in Chevy’s portfolio if the General shifts production to Mexico.

The other Delta introduction lies with the buzzworthy Chevrolet Volt.; Should battery suppliers pan out, GM hopes to push the plug-in hybrid into production by 2010.

On the SUV front, the Equinox is expected to have a complete redesign, riding again on GM’s Theta platform.

Automotive News claims the Aveo will be redesigned for 2011, but we wonder if that name will stick.; A new subcompact car, using GM’s global Gamma architecture, will arrive sporting styling from either the Groove or Trax concepts of 2007.; Like the Aveo, the new small car will be engineered mostly by Daewoo, but will instead be built in Mexico.

We’re also hearing of some radical changes for the HHR – the PT Cruiser clone will shed its retro digs in favor of a ‘mini-minivan’ approach, much like that of the Mazda 5.; We’re not sure what word will replace the “Heritage” in the car’s acronym, but the van will be built off the Opel Zafira minivan – itself being considered for Saturn’s lineup.

While the light-duty pickups will change little, expect to see some revisions applied to the heavy-duty (2500 and 3500) Silverados.; We’d wager on seeing some changes to the trucks’ powertrain, along with subtle styling tweaks.

If GM had its way, the Impala sedan would have been redesigned for 2010, riding atop the rear-wheel-drive Zeta chassis.; Today’s economy and a new CAFE mandate have killed that idea.; Instead, the Impala will move to the Epsilon platform, allowing it to grow slightly wider than the current car.

GM had also hoped to restyle the Malibu sedan for 2010, but cost cutting postponed the program.; If a restyled Malibu is to emerge, we’re told it may appear in 2012 with a shorter length and wheelbase to appease CAFE.

On the performance front, a Camaro convertible will finally be offered, but no turbocharged I-4 – as was once rumored – is expected to appear underhood.; 2012 will also mark the first look at an all-new Corvette (C7), although it technically will arrive as a 2013 model.

Looking at Chevy’s truck portfolio, a proposed redesign for the Colorado, headed by GM’s engineering staff in Brazil, is postponed for the U.S. market.; Perhaps most radical are the plans for the next generation of full-size sport-utes, including the Tahoe, Suburban, and Avalanche.; For the sake of fuel economy, these beasts may be downsized onto a longer version of the Lambda crossover.

Source: Automotive News


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