FT-86 Convertible Concept Headed To Geneva

Toyota plans to introduce a concept version of a convertible GT86 — also known as the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S — at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. A droptop version of the Toyota/Subaru sports coupe has long been expected, and the appearance of a convertible concept provides more evidence that such a model is on the way.

The concept car will be badged the FT-86 Open concept, in reference to the fact that the coupe was known as the FT-86 during its long, drawn-out development process. The lone included teaser photo reveals that the styling will precisely match that of the GT86 coupe, albeit with the roof removed. The concept still appears to be a 2+2 design although, as in the coupe, those rear seats will probably only be suitable for children.

While we’ve heard for months Toyota would consider a convertible, this FT-86 Open concept still isn’t a solid confirmation that the car will go into production. Toyota says it will use the concept to “gauge public reaction to the idea;” based on how many car enthusiasts already beg for a convertible version of this car, we think Toyota will receive plenty of positive feedback.

Another good sign for the arrival of a production car: Toyota is currently testing prototype versions of a GT86 convertible. We previously heard such a model could arrive by 2014, and that Toyota anticipated strong sales in warm regions like Southern California.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota will also reveal the i-Road concept. There are few details so far, but the teensy electric car appears to seat two people, one behind the other. The skinny car was apparently designed for “quick and efficient urban transport,” a common trend with wacky small Toyota concept cars.

Source: Toyota