Frankfurt 2011: Our Favorite Finds — Jason Cammisa

Our editors have been plenty busy scouring the show floor of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show — but in between running to and from press conferences and battling spotty Wi-Fi connections, they picked their three favorite concept and production cars at the show.

Jason Cammisa, West Coast Editor

Peugeot HX-1

Yes I’m a sucker for wagons but that’s not why I picked the Peugeot. I picked it because I about fell over when I saw it. It’s gorgeous. And while I’m intrigued that it has either two or three rows of seats and is only as tall as my knees, the truth is that none of that matters. The French once designed the most beautiful car in the world (Citroën DS, I’m talking to you) and I think it’s about time a car makes the world stop and stare again. This one could do it.

Ford Evos

The Evos shows like less of a new design language than an evolution of Kinetic design but let’s face it – the Kinetic cars are pretty darn hot. And I think we’ll look back at this car (and the similar looking Jaguar XJ) as the beginning of the end of enormous headlights. Of which, ironically, the bigger offenders were the original Kinetic cars. Three cheers for irony, especially when it looks so good.

BMW i8

Amidst all the bad news about terrorism and economic collapse and pollution here’s some good news. This is what I want my future to look like.


Porsche 911

I don’t care that you can’t tell it apart from the last 911. That’s the point. It’s a 911 and this is what a 911 looks like.  Except the back looks concept-car awesome. And let’s be honest-that’s what you’ll be seeing after it blows by you.

Mazda CX-5

I haven’t yet seen my co-workers’ choices but im guessing I’m alone in my nomination of the new Mazda crossover as a favorite. I like the CX-5 because it’s cute without looking cheap, it has boatloads of room inside, and if it’s anything like Mazda’s existing crossovers, it’ll be best-in-class to drive. But above all, it doesn’t smack you in the face with a stupid smile.

Volkswagen Beetle R

OK, so VW calls it a concept, but c’mon — this is clearly a preview of an upcoming production model. As for the car itself? If TV’s Carson Cressly, made famous by being the least manly of the Queer Eyes guys, suddenly became a professional boxer and beat Mike Tyson into a persistent vegetative state, you’d root for him too. ‘Nuff said.

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