Frankfurt 2011: Hyundai Shows New Elantra-Based i30 Hatchback

Hyundai officially took the wraps off of its new i30 hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show, even though we already had an early preview of it. The i30 is the European five-door variant of the Elantra compact sedan; however, expect to see the i30 make the trip across the pond and become the new Elantra Touring, just like the previous-generation.

For 2012, the i30 picks up its own version of Hyundai’s hexagonal corporate grille, with swooping chrome touches in the upper half. Also from the corporate design playbook are the headlights, which contain S-shaped LED lighting accents.

Europe will receive two 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines: one diesel and one gas. The diesel powerplants range in power from 126 hp for the oil-burner, and 133 hp for the gasoline engine. Expect to see either the 1.6-liter gas engine when the car comes stateside, or for it to use the 1.8-liter inline-four good for 148 hp that the Elantra sedan uses.

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