Frankfurt 2011: Electric Audi A2 Concept Wins Us Over

The original Audi A2 was a pretty spectacular little car. It cost far too much because it was built out of aluminum instead of steel, but the A2 holds its value incredibly well because it’s such a great mix of utility and fuel economy. Enthusiasts have been begging for an A2 replacement since 2005 and Audi is finally hinting at one.

This concept A2 replaces the original’s small-displacement engine choices with an electric motor and a single-speed transmission. The 31-kWh battery pack provides enough juice to travel 124 miles between charges under ideal conditions. It will be possible to plug the A2 in to charge or, alternatively, charge the vehicle’s battery pack by parking over a wireless charging device.

Audi has promised a production version of the A2 as soon as 2013 if you’d like battery power and the delivery of more traditional internal combustion engine choices by 2015. The wait might be a bit long for eager European consumers, but it isn’t easy following up a vehicle as advanced as the first A2 was and it’s better to wait a bit longer for a credible replacement than rush a new car to market that’s actually a step backwards in technology and execution.

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