Four Seasons 2013 Subaru BRZ: Pick Our New Track Wheels

The beauty of the 2013 Subaru BRZ isn’t just that it’s an affordable, rear-wheel drive sports car: it’s also that there’s enough room within the trunk (seats folded, of course) for a second set of wheels/tires. As a result, it’s not impossible to drive to an open track day, swap on better tires, compete, and reverse the process before heading home.

We plan on doing just that with our new Four Seasons 2013 Subaru BRZ — but before we do, we need your help.

We’ve done our homework, and put together a track day wheel/tire package from The Tire Rack consisting of  Sparco’s 17-inch Assetto Gara wheels, and 225/45R17 BF Goodrich g-Force R1-S rubber. Are we done? Hardly, since we have the choice of three colors — white, orange, and neon green — for the Sparco wheels.

Rather than toss dice, draws straws, ask a Magic 8 ball, or roshambo to make a decision, we’re leaving it up to you. Head over to our Facebook page by clicking here, and tell us which of the three colors you’d like to see on our Four Seasons BRZ.

Photos by Glenn Paulina