Four Seasons 2012 Audi A7 – Fallon, NV to Draper, Utah

DRAPER, UTAH—The heifer was protecting her open range no matter what. She occupied the middle of the road, U.S. 50 near Nevada’s border with Utah, impeding my eastward journey in the 2012 Audi A7, and she wasn’t moving until her calf got up from the ditch. This is the sort of contretemps you find on the Loneliest Road in America.

Finally, I stuck the Audi A7’s nose between them. Still, she wasn’t moving, not until I let down my window. Then she hastened away.

This happened today while I was driving 530 miles. The road, which is mostly excellent in Nevada, crosses desolate desert basins and a succession of dramatic mountain ranges, where old mining towns cling to the slopes and to life. Once across the Utah border, therero’s a noticeable change: not only is the road less well-tended, but also the landscape is dominated by mountains of different geologic origin. Near the junction town of Delta, a large saline lake is a roadside wonder.

The Audi A7 ate up every bit of road, showing great composure. If the car’s suspension has a statement to make, it wants to claim the ideal balance between compliance and comfort—even at high speed. It’s very impressive. And as I found in the mountain passes as high as 7400 feet, the chassis welcomes challenges as long as initial turn-in isn’t too abrupt. Meanwhile, the steering imparts total confidence.

When rocketing over straight sections, the Audi A7 evinced more tire noise than anything else, but even this is well enough suppressed so that I didn’t need to turn up the volume on the satellite radio’s sports talk program.

Which was my secret weapon: if that cow wouldn’t move, I would have played her the news about concussions in the NFL. Git along, little doggie!

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