Formula One’s KERS a ‘Dwindling Mess’

Despite Formula One’s high hopes to start to transform the racing series into a “greener” race series a sort of playground for efficiency technology testing. That plan seems to have backfired.

At the Chinese Grand Prix this Sunday, there will only be five teams running the Kinetic Energy Recovery System- and possibly only four. Several teams opted not to run the system in 2009 and others have excised the device from their cars due to reliability problems, electrical hazards, and numerous other reasons.

Mark Webber commented that the sport would probably not miss the controversial system if it disappeared altogether. “It’s turned into a bit of a mess hasn’t it, the whole KERS thing,” commented Webber. Webber is a Grand Prix Drivers’ Association Director and has safety concerns about the use of the system.

BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica tried KERS for the first time in Friday practice. It is likely that the team will remove the system from his car before Saturday practice begins. Both Ferraris dropped the system from their cars and Nelson Piquet is the only Renault driver using the system at practice in Shanghai. Webber commented: “Ferrari and Renault have binned it, I think.”

“No one would kick up a stink, I don’t think. Some of the teams might, but you’ve got a common unit next year anyway, so it’s no like anyone’s developing it for next year,” concluded Webber.

Source: F1-Live


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