Former McLaren Designer to Build JJAD P1-E Electric Sports Car

Jim Dowle, a former McLaren designer, first released details about his P1 sports car in February 2008. More details have emerged as progress has been made on the car.

The P1-E sports car will be a world class supercar when it becomes available for public consumption. The car will be built in a manner similar to the McLaren F1 car that Dowle worked on, though it will be an all-electric sports car similar to the Tesla Roadster.

Dowle said “All the electric cars produced to date have been compromised in one way or another and most have been of little attraction to the enthusiast driver. We decided it was time to create an affordable electric sports car that combined all the advantages of conventionally-engined machines with those of electric ones, without the disadvantages of either – in short, a drivers’ car for the 21st century.”

According to JJAD, the P1-E will be all-wheel drive, yet powered by two electric motors. Power will come from lithium-ion batteries mounted low to achieve optimum weight distribution. JJAD expects to equip the car with regenerative braking to allow for more time at the track.

With an estimated weight of 2300 lbs and the ability to do 0-to-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, it should meet all of Dowle’s goals. Estimated range is around 230 miles and a price around £55,000 ($75,600). Look to see the first P1-E prototype running around the Nurburgring sometime in 2009.