Former Chrysler CFO Ponders Company’s Viability

There have been a few skeptics of the viability of a Fiat-Chrysler merger, but the latest to speak out on the company’s future is none other than Jerry York, a former chief financial officer at Chrysler and the right hand man of former investor Kirk Kerkorian.

At Reuters’ Auto Summit in Detroit, York said two large questions loomed over the Chrysler’s future, the first being timing.

“Will some combination of industry sales, and product — including product from Fiat – get there in time before they run out of cash?” York asked.

York was also skeptical of the American public’s acceptance of Fiat platforms, given the company’s previous history in North America. Although Fiats from three decades ago weren’t that reliable, modern Fiats have come a long way in terms of quality and design. Still, York has his doubts.

“It’s a question mark in my mind, and in the minds of most people I talk to — how many units based on Fiat platforms can really be sold?”

Perhaps we’ll know more come tomorrow, when Chrysler is set to unveil its vaulted 5-year business plan at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. We’ll bring you all the latest surrounding the unveiling as it happens, so stay tuned to Automobile Magazine for the latest Chrysler news.

Source: Automotive News