Ford’s SYNC Goes Global, Adds Avatar

Ford issued a press release yesterday announcing its plans to globalize its SYNC technology, following an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Ford also unveiled its newest iteration of the technology, with new features such as traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions to over 14 million business listings and news updates.

According to Automotive News, Ford will debut SYNC in Europe first, in ten languages. After Europe, SYNC will be made available in Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Ford also demonstrated a concept for a new electronic personal assistant, dubbed Eva. Using conversational speech, Eva allows the driver to control information and entertainment features. Ford showed Eva arranging directions to a restaurant and making an appointment in the driver’s calendar after the driver makes a lunch date. Ford product development chief Derrick Kuzak said such a concept could make it to production in a couple years.

Ford has also befriended Best Buy to help build awareness and provide tech support through the Geek Squad.

Source: Ford, Automotive News


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