Ford Teases 2013 Mustang Before Official Debut

With the final run-up to the L.A. Auto Show this week, enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit for details on the 2013 Mustang. Now, thanks to Ford’s Facebook page and the crafty folks at Mustang Evolution, we have a set of teaser photos giving us a glimpse of what to expect for the updated ‘Stang.
While we already know that the Mustang will get an extensive upgrade for 2013, we didn’t have a clear look at whether or not the car would see new sheetmetal as well. From these teasers it looks like while the Mustang will go under the knife, the changes will only be slight. The three-port LED taillights look to be set deeper in their pods, the grille seems to be more rounded out, and the gauges have been redesigned with smaller fonts and a color multi-function display. Although we can’t clearly see what is on the display, our best bet is that the 2013 Mustang will, in fact, get a set of performance tracking apps.
The full set of images that Mustang Evolutionobtainedare from a Facebook campaign Ford is currently running. Allegedly, the more people share the 2013 Mustang badge on their Facebook pages, the more photos Ford will reveal. So far, only two of the four photos shown on Mustang Evolution have been uncovered.
We’ll have the full skinny on the 2013 Mustang on Wednesday once it debuts at the L.A. Auto Show, and stay tuned to tonight for the more details. For more on the 2011 Los Angeles Show, including videos, the latest photos, and more information, click here to visit our L.A. Show homepage.
Source: Mustang Evolution